Oppo F19S – A New Generation Smartphone


Oppo F19S is already setting the web ablaze for many days now. The upcoming smartphone by Oppo is said to be the third special edition of this handset which was launched in April this year. The second generation smartphone was just launched in China a few months back and was considered as one of the best mobile devices that can be used for both business and personal purposes. With the help of this gadget, the user will be able to get high end features and various advanced applications which are pre-installed in this device. These features and applications will not be available with any other handset like the iPhone which is why Oppo F19S is considered as one of the best smartphones in the current scenario.

The Oppo F19S has been enhanced with a unique aspect ratio which ensures that the images seen on the screen are always clear and crisp. The aspect ratio of this gadget is similar to that of the iPhone, which means that if you are going to use the iPhone as your daily gadget, then you will get best viewing experience with this handset. However, the resolution of the images captured on the screen is far better on the Oppo F19S than that of the iPhone. This is what makes the Oppo F19S so interesting and different from any other smartphone currently in the market.

Apart from its impressive feature set, the Oppo F19S also has some unique features such as support for Windows and Office applications, USB Type-C port, dual camera, infrared camera, heart rate monitor, HIDEO AM speaker and so on. As many people are aware of, the major issue with smartphones is the slow processing speed that they encounter. This is one major reason why many people have stopped using them. However, the Oppo F19S has a USB Type-C port which helps you attach a few USB devices such as your keyboard and mouse without getting stuck with a brick or a hurdle. If you think about it, the whole purpose of buying a smartphone is so that you can use it with ease, right?

The Oppo F19S has a primary camera setup which is quite impressive. There is a single 12.2 megapixel camera housing in the handset which offers decent picture quality and performance. The 2-megapixel front camera has slightly lower capacity which may be lowered as the primary camera is more powerful. The battery of the Oppo F19S can last for up to twenty hours. oppo f19s

While the camera performs well, the flash is also impressive. The flash of the Oppo F19S is quite powerful and can take away the attention of anyone who is not paying close attention. One of the best features of this handset is its support for the Bluetooth technology. The Oppo F19S comes with a neat Bluetooth 5.0 enabled Smartphone Connect Kit which allows you to make hands-free calls.

While the Oppo F19S is a new smartphone, it is not a very cheap one. It comes with a price tag of around Rs15000 or $300, which is quite steep when compared with most low-priced smartphones in the market today. But when you consider all the extra features and the superior battery performance, there is no reason why you should pay heed to the cost of this device. The Oppo F19S is the perfect gadget if you are looking for a smartphone which has all the basic facilities and offers a great visual experience as well.